Issues For Bloggers in Pakistan how to become successful blogger in Pakistan- Inside story Article by Naeem Sajjad

Blogging is the world fastest growing profession, this is the medium where you can express your own ideas and can share what you have in your mind and what you know about other . It could be in any form you may write blog on technology, on politics, on current affairs, even on food and there are also plenty of  categories on which you can start blogging. When we see the world and particularly Europe , America and Australia blogging is progressing so fast but in Pakistan still its unknown to majority of peoples,

What type of problems blogger faces in Pakistan?

The main problem which most of the peoples who are interested to start blogging don't know from wherethey can   start . Because there is big confusion in countries like Pakistan what to blog and when to. If any of the person succeed to choose topic than the other big issue is how to write because in blogging the most important thing is how much you are capable to express your ideas and than its just not enough you also must know the proper use of keyword because without using keyword you will not be able to show your content to general public so in Pakistan writing is also an problem for bloggers and there are also not such proper institute which could guide bloggers to learn about Keywords and SEO. 


Now this is the most important thing for which an individual choose blogging. Every blogger wants to earn money and issue is how to earn in Pakistan using blogging.
For earning money through blogging you must know that you have to get register with some affiliate programs like Adsense, Infolink, and there are also other networks which providing services to blogger.
Adsense is the most useful tool to earn money because Adsense provides quality of ads and there CPC is also high compare to other networks. In Pakistan the big difficulty bloggers face is how to register with Adsense and how to get approve, because in Pakistan Adsense need more quality content to get approval as compare to develop countries. So for a blogger its big issue to get approval from Adsense and in case if you get approval than the other thing is you need visitor because in blogging visitors are just like a blood without visitors you are nothing ..Doesn't matter how much quality content you have on your blog but you need visitors.

How to get visitors?

In countries like Pakistan when you as a blogger don't know much about keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) than you need some other way to generate visitors and that way is social media .

Social media is best way for bloggers to generate traffic to there blogs. Personally i also use facebook to generate traffic for my blog.

How to generate traffic from facebook to a blog?

Yes this is a million dollar question, if you are blogger and want traffic from facebook than keep it in mind its not such an easy as you are thinking you have work but this work should be predetermined as you must know what you are going to do.

Create page on facebook:

To generate traffic from facebook the first thing is page creation because you need a platform after creation of page than you have to make fans of your blog on your facebook page . Later on i will share with you guys Fans generating techniques but now you need to know that just share that type of material on facebook which users like.. It could be videos which should be interesting it could be picture which can grab the attention of users after getting fans you need to come back to your blog than anything you will write on your blog share it also on your facebook page and you will see enough traffic at your blog.

Hope this article will help you little bit about blogging and if you need more information than feel free to contact me at my email address giving below