How to Increase Internet speed in Pakistan best way to increase speed of internet in Pakistan

Every one knows the speed of internet in Pakistan which is usually very low as compare to other countries, and that low speed cause stress to internet users when it takes long time to complete work of seconds. We don't know when internet speed will be better or at least up-to the mark but there are some tip which can be use to increase the speed of internet in Pakistan. 

how to increase speed in Pakistan

Keep router at perfect place:

what is this how to keep router at perfect place, yes this is most useful tip while using internet. In Pakistan usually we keep routers on table or shelf and the issue which occur is we cant adjust antenna properly because of walls or shelf so the first thing is that we should place our router at such spot where antenna can be adjust easily and signal can be circulate easily.  while not just antenna but we should place router at such place where there is no obstacle around it so we can avoid from dead speed internet.

Keep router away from electronic devices

Usually we keep router at that place where other electronics devices are already working like television sets or mobile phone. And the issue is these electronic devices also use signals and these signals interrupt router signals and in the end speed of internet is effected. so its necessary to keep routers away from all kind of electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, led's, speakers or even ac power coder.

keep away from Wireless signals devices:

Yes keep your router away from wireless signal devices such as Bluetooth devices or monitor which spread wireless signals.

Use password:

Use password to secure your internet connection because if you don't use password than its quite possible your neighbor will steal your internet and which will cause to effect your internet speed so using password is the best method to secure your internet connection 

Reboot internet connection:

Reboot your internet connection properly because some time after rebooting your internet connection make speed better than before so make a schedule of rebooting of internet device once a week at least it will give you better result  

Signal Booster:

Signal booster also helps to increase speed it can be purchase from any electronic shop it will also give you good result.