Gays are Responsible for Ebola outbreak in Liberia

A new turn in Ebola story in Liberia, according to international news agencies some rumours just spread all across the Liberia that Gays are responsible  for Ebola outbreak in Liberia.
Some christen scholars have claimed that Ebola is punishment from God for homosexuality which is increasing in Liberia and basing this reason they suggest death punishment for Gays in society. In some areas it also been heard that some Gays are severely beaten by public and thats why the hatred behaviours about Gays are increasing day by day. 

Now gays community from Liberia feeling unprotected in Liberia and Hiding them selves and try to not to appear in Public areas.
More ever the dangerous is comments of religious scholars from the town who are asking for death punishment for Gays because they thinks that Ebola hit Liberia only because of Gays population and homosexuality culture. 

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