Live Called Insult Marvi Memon in the Live Show of Rana Mubashir on News one tv Channel

Marvi Memon Senior parliamentarian and leader of Pmln insulted from a live caller in the show of Rana Mubashir in the news one channel. Live Caller insult marvi memon and said that Marvi Memon has no moral value she has leave too many Parties. In response Marvi Memon replied to the caller and said that this caller is from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and Using dirty language against Marvi Memon. Marvi Memon now a days in serious trouble from PTI fans because she was part of Musharraf Govt than Marvi Memon Left Pervez Musharraf and Joined Hand with Imran Khan but she could not sustained for more time and left PTI and than Marvi Memon Joined PMLN.