Nawaz Sharif and Kim Barker Scandal the Reality behind the Scandal of Nawaz Sharif and Kim Barker Revealed now

According to Kim Barker an American popular female Journalist, She said in her book that Nawaz Sharif wanted to give gift of Iphone to Kim Barker and was in favor of Friendship with Kim Barker

New York times reported that the first American Female journalist who break the news of Ajmal Kisaab in Okara Pakistan was Kim Barker, Kim Barker Expressed it in Her book "Taliban Shifel" in this book not only Taliban were discussed but there was some stories about Pakistani Politicians and there hidden scandals. More ever in Her book Kim Barker Said that Nawaz Sharif was the person who told her the story of
Ajmal Kisaab is in Okara and Nawaz Sharif also order the Inspector General of police of that moment Mr Shoukat Javed to arrange special arrangement for Kim Barker for her Okara visit. Kim Barker also revealed the story of relationship of Kim Barker with Nawaz Sharif, Kim Barker said that Nawaz Sharif phoned her when she was in London and also offer her a gift of Mobile phone. According to Kim Barker Nawas Sharif was in desire of friendship with Kim Barker But Kim Barker Denied that Friendship.